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Win:progress victory SOME:  Some
WinSome: The transliteration is:Progress 1:00, victory 1:00
Winsome:English is:Lovely of, vitality of, have vigor
You win! :You won!This is the person of Wei Sa to cooperate Wei Sa a words that the colleague usually say.The person of Wei Sa has an obligation to also have responsibility to cooperate him a colleague to say:You win!
Winsome:we want to acquire some of our benefits in the process of cooperate, have to make the cooperation everyone's benefits maximize.

Wei Sa declaration:We are that one be vibrant and the team of vigor, we be the young team of a mindset Ping-ho, we is our customers creation value, we loudly of say to our customers:The Let ′ s You Win!

    Wei Sa science and technology limited company in the Shenzhen in 2005 from in Peking pass village north big start a business a park inside an establish for IT elitist of gather a development, produce, sale in integral whole of high technology company, the company be underneath to have the Wei Sa Peking(Peking be purple allied square), Wei Sa Hangzhou(Hangzhou be purple allied square), three branch in Zheng4 Zhou of Wei Sa(Zheng4 Zhou Wan4 with).The person of Wei Sa concentrate on figures consumption electronics product of produce and sale, has been make great effort, Wei Sa at local figures consume the realm(MP3/4, U dish) won a place and got domestic sale outlet approve.
2007 Wei Sa devotion huge sum, with Korea audio frequency manufacturer and Korea saving leader the manufacturer start go all out figures of create the WinSome Wei Sa brand consume type product, set up profession high quality of image.Face domestic and nations of fierce competition, Wei Sa skill grasp quality, skill grasp cost, and excellent service support.Pass to expand local market with get stripe, in the whole country everyplace establishment sale system kimono duty system.Through sale system of deep ploughing after, the WinSome product be subjected to profession medium of concern also had certain degree of exaltation;Through service system of thin after make the WinSome brand became consumer trust, fancy of one of the brand."Buy of trust, use dependable" principle that the Wei Sa is consistent to the consumer and the customer to take orders, make the WinSome brand exceed top a new of step.

   The lord business duty of Wei Sa is:The figures player(MP3, MP4), U dish, and the outside of the figures establish a type of product.
In the vehemence of the profession competition, the Wei Sa own a great deal of of talented person's resources and medium the resources of upper stream, Wei Sa profession the excellent team provide for you superior quality of product and audio frequency manufacturer of service, Wei Sa and Korea and Korea saving leader manufacturer common development, with Taiwan saving the manufacturer have close cooperation, and acquire a become number of of local many brand company and authorization cooperation, is one step for you to the figures product of the provide of, let you are in the domestic of the competition more competition ability.
Principle of management:
Small win to depend with the Zhi great victory virtuous
The trustworthiness feel grateful
The happiness work enjoy life
Create the excellent figures produce system, sale system and service system
Provide excellent solution system of the figures product


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